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Actually, yesterday was my first full contact session. Ofcourse with Aikido attacks, but it was excellent fun.

I got caught alot with those subtle tsuki's to the gut. But I got the hang of them eventually. We were studying a change from tenchi nage into a kokyunage on the other punch arm and maintain good arm to arm contact ala taichi sticky hands.

Also forward break falling from Yonkyo's and then changing into kokyunage variations in Hanmi hatachi waza and as you come out of the break fall turn strait back at them for Tsuki. Also lots of counters to Ikkyo, Nikkyo and Sankyos and putting all that together into Jiyu waza.

You know when you get pushed to that point when you think your chest it going to implode, explode and implode again, that being said, I loved every minute of it.

I've also done contact with out strikes against Judoka, ie Judo Randori, with my Aikido. Seemed to work better sometimes than others, but I wouldnt wanna win all the time, poor Judoka..... lol... please dont let any of them read this.

But dont you find how easy it is for everything you've learned to just disappear. I havent been doing Aikido all that long at all, so I shouldnt be suprised, but its strange how quickly you try to grapple someone instead of moving for Irimi or Tenkan.....


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