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Chris Gee (Kensai) wrote:
It its the Asia Vs Luan one. They should download, as I understand it, the website is having a lot of work done on it, so thats why they might not download.
Ok, got it. But I'm still somewhat confused. There are at least 4 types of "shoulder strike" that I see.

The first one occurs at 14 seconds in. The guy in the white shorts two hand pushes on the other guys shoulder to get him out of clinch.

There a shoulder push and trip at 25 seconds in. Mr No shirt does a ok rear roll (better than I would under the circumstances!)

A nice one at 1:18 Guy goes flying. Looks like a 1 inch punch.

A shoulder butt at 1:57

I'm guessing you mean the last one?

Frankly, it's all academic for me. I have no idea what the appropriate aikido response at that point is. Personally, I'd try to latch onto his neck (elbow collar tie), then switch to a one-on-one wrist grab while still encircling his head with other hand. I'd try to keep the head control by wrapping my fingers around his occuput and drapping my arm down his neck, so that my elbow was into his solar plexus. That puts my bones against his muscle.

By that stage, I'd imagine you could insert a few choice projections of your own. Kaiten nage, ude garamai, shiho nage and irimi nage all seem possible in theory. All I can see are judo throws based on imbolizing a limb and standing within the guys triangle point ;-(

I'm curious. Do any of the aikidoka here actually go at it like these two during their training sessions? If so, could you share your experiences with us?
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