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Yann Golanski wrote:
What I was refereing is tori purposfully injuring uke. Inflicting pain in a sadistic way and breaking uke. I do not see the point in that and that's why I do Aikido and not Krav Maga.
I can't say I've trained in Krav Maga, but I can't see that people who do train in it would break their partners all that often during training. Wouldn't they run out of training partners sooner or later?
But I can see how some people who train in Aikido want that kind of hard training.
One interesting thing I saw in the two recent polls asking (1) "Have you ever intentionally injured someone seriously in your aikido training?" and (2) "Has anyone ever injured you seriously and intentionally in your aikido training?" was the disparity in the number between those who say they have intentionally injured someone during training (~4%) versus those who said they themselves were intentionally injured during training (~15%). What this disparity might mean, I'll leave as an exercise to the reader.
As for moksu, yeah, of course it's part of my ritual(tm)... BTW, is it spelled moksu or mokusu or what? I was under the impression that Japanese did not have a `k' sound ouside of `ku, ki, ku, ke, ko'...
It's probably more "correctly" transliterated as "mokusou." By the way, Japanese also does have other "k" sounds including "kya," "kyu," and "kyo."

-- Jun

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