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Hi Yann;
Yann Golanski wrote:
In my not so humble opinion, if any aikidoka whatever their rank, is inflicting pain on purpose then he should be disciplined by the head of the Dojo. If it is the teaching sensei, I would leave the mat and complain to whatever organisation this persons belongs to. If the pain ends up in actual damage, then I would consider legal action. It is violence and not harmony therefore not ``Aikido''.
Pain is a relative thing. I think a teacher has to be very sensitive (excuse the pun) to uke's pain threshold but should exceed it by a measured amount every now and then. This is not really that difficult since uke's tapping should give you a pretty strong clue that you are close to or past it. This way the pain threshold can be increased.

Actual damage is another question but here again what are we talking about. Stuff happens and by its very nature is deliberate - one man's split lip is anothers litigation opprotunity. I guess it once again comes down to a sensitivity between tori and uke - we are practicing aiki after all.
It's all a matter of what you signed for. If the dojo state that they are full contact and require hard and painfull training then if you go there don't cry if you are hurt. It is not how I want to train but then again I am not training to become a hard combatant. However, I do train in a pre-war style which are known for being ``harder''. </macho>
Always a good point. The assumption that everyone must adapt to us is a fallicy. There's enough variety out there for everyone.
As for frustration, we are all guilty of it. I find that having a routine to get onto the mat helps me put a barrier between the world outside and the dojo. It works for me, it may not for you.
For me that's what moksu is all about.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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