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David, was happily with you all the way until this bit "When the next technique was called, I decided to partner someone else as I felt that it would be a wasted effort to explain to him -- he was not listening in the first place -- period. I felt he was not ready and hence, the "teacher" in him has yet to arrive"

You'd already made your choice as regards an "explanation". Also, if this would be an example of how your explanation would be delivered, I'm referring here to your supposition that the 3rd Kyu just wasn't worthy at the time, I don't see what good further talk would do either party.

Paul, for god's sake, say something I can disagree with you about soon, I'm getting bored agreeing with you when I read your posts. On the resistance bit, we do give levels of resistance required, but even then interpretation of these levels can mean a big difference...
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