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Erik wrote:

Gray, if you are still out there. My points pertained to Aikido not diet, although, I was working from a slightly different angle than Jun's original question. I'll make them cleaner.

1. People do what they perceive to have benefit for them.
2. They do this consciously or unconsciously.
3. People won't do Aikido if they don't enjoy it or derive value from it in some form.
4. This may not be a logical process.

In other words, giving up smoking provides the probable benefit of a longer life. For me that is a benefit. Someone else may not perceive a longer life as a benefit. Their perception is just as correct as mine.
I agree with all your points above. the analogy was intended only to challenge the point made that 'If Aikido were beneficial to everyone then everyone would do it and no one would ever quit.'

You are arguing that Aikido is not beneficial to everyone, and I am not challenging that. I am simply pointing out the flaw in your logic. To reiterate my point more succinctly, If Aikido was beneficial to everyone, it does not follow that everyone would do it.

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