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Michael Ellefson (MikeE) wrote:
Drop down for a good ol' fashioned aiki nage.
Personally, that's one thing I wouldn't do with a guy who outweighs me by that much.

Chances are he'll just topple on you -- then your toast. Just lying on you he has the advantage of weight.

While the shoulder check is a committed attack, only his side is facing you -- not his front. Remember the shikaku (dead angle). I see this attack as a standard linear thrust, no different than tsuki. His stance is very strong to the front (as demonstrated from the impact), including his footwork so his sides are weak (shikaku). You need to go inside (tenkan) or outside (irimi) -- then accelerate him forward once you are off the line of fire.

That's just me though, I am not saying you are wrong -- I just wouldn't want that guy on top of me with me prone.


Bruce Kimpel
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