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We are a small dojo and I insist that everything is laid on the mat so that everyone can see it and understand what is happening at all times. That said, anyone having seen me angry does not willingly place themself in a position to invite my anger.

It works here. If I think something is going on in which a personality or power struggle is developing I ask in front of the entire dojo, and if it is, the entire dojo weighs in. I really treat this group like they are family.

I have thrown my senior instructor out of the dojo for treating other udansha like punching bags. Unforgiveable. Thrown other senior instructors out for other reasons. Always publicly, always out in front.

The rest is just normal human interaction. I believe that the more you keep things quiet and behind closed doors, the more things fester and grow foul. I don't care if people are publicly embarrassed. Aroound here, by the time you get to shodan - if you haven't been, you don't feel like a part of the family. But then, my guys actually wear failed kyu and dan tests as badges of honor.

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