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Oops - I wrote a really long thread assuming that it was attacks to the shoulder, but now I see what you mean.

Yep, very powerful attack. In Taichi usually the concept is - if they avoid the fist use the elbow, if they avoid the elbow use the shoulder. I think aikido has a lot to learn from Taichi and vice versa. In aikido we generally like to keep the distance between us and uke (through extension) whereas the shoulder strike is likely to occur from a short distance. If someone does come in with such a strike the body should be moved around to their back whilst blending. Due to the close contact if this occurs, irimi-nage seems ideal since you just slip to their back. Inside throws could involve koshi nage (esp. the one with the arm between the legs!). Ideally you'd not give them an opportunity to get in close enough for a shoulder strike (at this distance elbow strikes could also be used, and these can be extremely dangerous).

This may also be a question worth asking taichi practitioners since they have sets of counters for each technique. In aikido however, I think we tend to not consider specific technique 'counters' but blending motion which automatically results in an appropriate counter. (the attack technique is often less important than the attackers body motion).


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