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I hope I'm not speaking out of turn (again, perhaps?), since presently I'm only an Aikidoka wannabee of sorts who hasn't been able to start studies yet. I just wanted to suggest that maybe people who attack others in such ways as described above are actually doing more harm to themselves than anybody else. People with such aggression who just have to win and have everybody agree with them and see things their way seem to make themselves look small and insecure rather than big. Personally, when I find myself thinking along those lines, I try to stop myself and realize that my perspective has become myopic, I've lost sight of the bigger picture. When on the receiving end of such an attitude, while it certainly can be annoying, I try to look at such nuissances as opportunities to better myself in how I take it. Am I in control of myself, or will I get sucked into it?

I think this thread brings up an important issue, and the posts on it are well spoken. When it comes to respect, the first step is to respect yourself, thus facilitating the ability to respect those around you. If someone is intolerant enough not to be able to at least agree to disagree, unless in a dire situation (disagreeing with Taliban's hateful ethics, for example), maybe that person is disrespecting him/herself even more so than disrespecting others. Just a thought, for what it's worth.

Again, I look forward to reading people's posts on these forums, and hope that soon I can participate actively in studying Aikido myself which should also help me to make more valid contributions to this site. Take care, all!

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