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covering with the inside leg

Hi everyone,

I've been working on ukemi with one of the Sempei at our dojo and he was saying that you should always try to cover yourself by keeping your inside leg forward when being thrown. Most of the time this seems to happen naturally since most attacks involve stepping forward on that foot anyway. On techniques like irimi nage with a tenkan or kaiten nage ura though, most people seem to take a step with the outside foot and open themselves to a strike to the groin. The person I'm working with can actually move the forward/inside foot to follow nages movement but I have a very hard time duplicating this (it also seems to make it harder to take his balance). The other minor downside is that it often forces me to roll with my legs reversed. That's not really a problem except when I work with someone who doesn't know what I'm trying to do and they tell me I'm doing my ukemi wrong! Anyway, I was just curious what people think about that style of ukemi.
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