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Matt Banks
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Jim 23,

Come train with the yoshinkan mate. We do train to for atemi, and we do make contact and yes it hurts. As for you sayibng train for it, then you obviously dont train for real hitting. Boxing puches etc are useless in a real situation, if your used half the boxing punches in real life you would break your hand. In reality there are few spots on the head and face you can really hit without true injury. If you dont believe it try punching someone without gloves (massive pilllows) on your hands. Systems like chinese temple boxing arguable the most devastting striking art, have a few hits to the face, but noithing to the head cus they know they will come off worse. Most punches people can spar aginst each other with are useless, in a real situation as their designed for gloves. Look at any boxer who enters nhb events they always break there hands and cant fight. Thats why in aikido the strikes are not always dont always connect. Tell me where you live and Ill put you in contact with a sensei who will show you some of our atemi applied. The atemi used in aikido stems from ancient jujutsu arts which are desinged to be deadly, not for idle sparring , where people swing padded clubs at each others areas which without protection could not be struck. When we do make atemi connect on certain training sessions, it is very painful. Often ending in collapse. Plus it can be done with very little power.
I man called George Dillman 8th dan karate, a black belt hall of famer, wrote on article on my exact point. Explaing of punching in boxing was useless, and most karate taught now days , the pratical side of it has been ommitred for safe practice in sparring and the karate-jutsu side can only be practiced in a set form. He explained how he was impressed by the atemi used in aikido, as the movements applied and areas were correct for practicality.
An massive wild upper cut may nock the man back but you will have 4 broken fingers as a result. Your obviously one of these guys who wants to be insultive and provoke a reaction. Go to a Yoshinkan, Iwama etc etc club and choose not to block an atemi from a high grade, when you wake up in casualty, you''l realise.

Matt Banks

''Zanshin be aware hold fast your centre''
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