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Bob Strahinjevich (bob_stra) wrote:
Also Peter - more details of the above!!
Hi Bob - it isn't Shodokan per se but I have noticed that most dojos that do randori, and I'll bet solid money that Dan's is the same way (as is mine), limit their techniques in randori. The limitations aren't concious (rules as such) but what gets done reflects what's taught and practiced in regular class. Because of this uke can usually take whats thown at him even if its a varient. However, when you bring in something totally new - you have problems.

With respect to the Aikikai style randori where the relationship between tori and uke is maintained the last time I participated I did not do both the application versions of shomen-ate or gedan-ate because I did not belive the group were familiar with all those techniques could be. That said in their context my randori (as it is in the Shodokan context) was terrible.

In Shodokan randori - especically toshu - the distinction between tori and uke does not exist. That was a direction I also couldn't go during my visit.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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