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Matt Banks
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We do the one you mentioned for beginners. We also do the following.

''tunnel of death'' as called by our sensei. 8 men line up in 2 lines forming a tunnel. Tory walks slowly through the tunnel, and sensei walks behind. When sensei looks at someone, he/she has to attack tory. It gets very eventful. Particularly when sensei ken comes down to train. He has been allowed to bring all the conviscated weapons from lincoln police station, including clubs, chair legs, nunchaku etc etc as he has been given a permit from the main constable. He issues these out to the ukes before hand we have fun. This can also be done when ukes form a circle aound you.

We also do 2 verses 4 drills, and he explained how 2 verses 4 is often harder that 1 verses 4, as you have to worry about your companion. This was made clear when I threw the guy who was ment to be on my side. The drills we do on 'summer schools'' are endless including, Braveharte like wazas. These include about 40 aikidoka all armed with jo's and bokken's running in on each other from around 20 yards, and duelling with set attacks. All this is carried out in the local woods where the venue is held. There are sometimes some injuries but knowone minds. Sensei called it ''Hollywood waza''.

The latter things I mentioned are only practiced with higher grades.

Matt Banks

''Zanshin be aware hold fast your centre''
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