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Yann Golanski wrote:
I started cross-trianing with both the Aikikai and the Shodokan organisation last year -- before my shodan as i needed the extra training. I found that both styles compliment eachother and I enjoy both of them greatly for they both shares the core ideals of Aikido. Well, in my not so humble opinion they do! ;>

Anyone else care to comment?
Yes, of course aikido training complements aikido training, but I find there are limits to what the 'cross' training in a different style can do for your core style. That doesn't matter if your doing for fun and you enjoy it. But if you really want to progress in your 'core' style, it might be more productive to visit another teacher for a bit of extra training in your own style.

Especially if you have an extremely capable yondan teaching about an hour's drive away. Which brings me to...

Visit Sheffield on a Saturday morning! Scott teaches/leads a dan-grade class and packs in a lot of detail, there are usually only about 3-5 of us, and you'd be very welcome.

(As would anyone else from York graded ikkyu and up.)

b) You got the dates wrong there, didn't you? Surely you meant 27/28 Sept? I'll be there (I think - at least I'm sufficiently sure that I'll post you a cheque today.)


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