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Yann Golanski wrote:
As for full contact, what do you mean? Uke is allowed to kick the groin, gouge eyes and generally bash tori's brains out?
And the same for tori? Atemi is a big part of aikido, so all those atemi that tori does.. if they are full contact too, then man this must be tough training!

I think this sounds like a great kind of training. It does sound a little different from some other schools' randori though: although I think "full-speed" randori is very common, "full-contact" randori might be rare.

I agree that it would be impossible to practice persevering through shock and pain without this training.. however I think many things could still be practiced in "full speed, partial-contact" randori--in other words knowing you should/would have had your nose bashed in is still an educational experience to a great extent.

I would love to visit some day.

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