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Erik wrote:
gray wrote:
The argument that if something is 'beneficial to everyone then everyone would do it' is untrue. A healthy diet and regular exercise is clearly beneficial to everyone, but does everyone have these?
Some people get benefits from being overweight and not exercising. Medically this might not be true but without knowing everyone's situation we can't conclude exercise is beneficial for everyone. There can be psychological benefits to being overweight and out of shape. Big ones! You have to look at an individuals situation before you absolutely state that there are benefits for each individual in every activity.

People do not quit their diet plans because they do not find them beneficial, most quit because they lack the discipline or will power to stick to them.
Maybe not being on the diet plan was more beneficial to them, the diet didn't work, they're allergic to cottage cheese in their super secret cottage cheese diet. There are many and varied reasons people don't stay on whatever program they get on.
Erik, it was not my intention to give advice for people who are overweight. It was an analogy intended to get my point across. Much as I would like to debate over your challenges to my dietry points, this forum is for aikido, not weight-loss.
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