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Shodokan wise, we start doing randori training from kyuless grades. Again, what we call randori is not what you call it -- see many other posts on the subject. We generally start with avoidence only, then tegatana, then kakarigeiko (what most dojo will call randori), then hikitate (uke being awkward), then randori (uke being uncooperative) then shiai. Although the later is never done in club time and only at competions. We do as well some ni-nin randori and san-nin randori which is randori against two or three attackers.

Some Aikidoka tell us that if uke offers resistence it is not Aikido and are shocked that we call what we do Aikido.

Maybe your visitor was one of those.

When I first visited an Aikikai dojo I was shocked that they were not doing randori at each session.

As for full contact, what do you mean? Uke is allowed to kick the groin, gouge eyes and generally bash tori's brains out? Is it a fight without rules? This is what I understand as full contact. In that case, I'm not surprised he was shocked. However, I assume that it's not the case and that your full contact is more akin to our randori.

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