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Ron Tisdale
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I posted these questions on e-budo as well...

In October, there will be a major event in Philadelphia, where two high ranking intructors, one from the Yoshinkan, one from the Aikikai, will be instructing jointly. You may read the invitation to this seminar from Yukio Utada Sensei here:

In the past, a frequent topic of conversation has been the different 'styles' and organizations within aikido. I believe we are beginning to see major instructors in the US forming long term, lasting relationships with instructors from other organizations. The Aiki Expo in Las Vegas, under the leadership of Stanley Pranin, has had a lot to do with this 'cross-polinization'.

In truth, some of the students of these organizations have been reaching outside of their respective organizations for some time now. But the occation of highly respected leaders from very different backgrounds doing joint seminars seems to be something pretty new, at least to me.

What do other students think about these events?

Have you attended events like the Aiki-Expo in the past?

Do you see value in these events?

Will you attend them in the future?

I personally have found a wealth of information in other aikido "envirnonments". What about the rest of you?

I hope to see Korindo Aikido, Yoseikan Budo, Shodokan Aikido and others present in places where we haven't seen them before. The Aiki-Expo and the example set by Stanley Pranin is a great beginning...Where do we go from here, to bring the same dedication and commitment to enlarging and improving our arts across the US?

Ron Tisdale

Ron Tisdale
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