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Steven Tame
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care of hakama and how to wear it.

I brought a hakama the other day and I have a few questions about hakama's

1/I tried to search on the net but I couldn't find information on how to tie the hakama. I found only general hakama information which they didn't tie the belt just folded one side 4-5 times and the wrapped the other side around in a cross shape. I can see this is not the way people fasten a hakama in Aikido,probably cos it would come undone when you take ukemi.....

I would ask at my dojo but the rules are women from san-kyu and men from sho-dan. However I'd like to wear my Hakama outside of my Japan dojo and maybe when I go back to England.

2/How do you clean the hakama,I heard you are not supposed to wash it... maybe it means machine wash...

In any case how do you hang up the hakama to air it so you don't mess up the folds?

3/How long is the hakama supposed to be? If it touches the floor it is too long,right?
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