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I love your posts, but you missed the mark on this one.
Low kicks in a fight are always dangerous. Usually in randori (free-style) situations, they are running around and that prevents kicking.
I suppose someone should mention this to those wacky muay thai fellows.... Seriously, all techniques have an appropriate time. Trying to kick someone who'se running around makes about as much sense as dropping into seza and using swari waza to chase down a standing, fleeing opponent.
Only in combat sports do you have the luxury of training for one weight class, can turn your back on an opponent or limit your training to one or two techniques.
Where to begin?

First, combat sports do train outside their weight class --- just like aikidoist do.

Second, restriction to a specific weight class happends during full resistance, one on one randori. This type of randori often is as intense as shiai --- and something aikidoist rarely, if ever do. If you've ever done so, you would know why. The potential for injury is high enough to begin with, adding a bigger, stronger opponent (who's just as skilled) is flurting with a very serious injury.

Third, there's a bit of a "holier than thou" undercurrent in this statement. You can make your point with reasoned responses, and keep the barbs out of it. In short, don't confuse the context. A combat sport fellow isn't going to restrict themselves to sport strategy any more than an aikidoist is going to, once again, drop into seza if attacked.
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