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This is a story about Kisaburo Ohsawa Sensei of Hombu Dojo. I think not many people here know of him because of his very quiet and retiring nature but in my own mind, I think he was one of the great Aikido masters of all time. He kept his promise to O'Sensei's last wish and stayed by 2nd Doshu's side and became his close advisor and right-hand man, always supporting Hombu Dojo his whole life. One day, when I was watching his demonstration at Hombu, I happened to be standing next to a very high ranking teacher whom I knew quite well at the time. I turned to him and asked, " How can Ohsawa move like that?" - referring to Ohsawa's wonderfully smooth yet dynamic technique.

"Well, afterall, Ohsawa Sensei is enlightened!" he replied to me very simply.

My friend told me this story of this teacher. He was travelling in Japan and Ohsawa Sensei said that we would meet him at the train station upon his arrival back into Tokyo. Unfortunately, my friend was greatly delayed and by the time he returned he was already over five hours late. I didn't know what to say to Ohsawa Sensei or how to apologize - he was sure he kept Ohsawa Sensei waiting so long and he must have finally went home. Much to his surprise, however, when he stepped off the train, he saw Ohsawa Sensei sitting there still waiting for him.

"Sensei, I am so sorry to be so late! Why are you still here waiting for me?" he cried.

"I knew you would come eventually without fail," Ohsawa Sensei said very calmly.

This is the way great Aikido teachers were in those days. I heard this story about 35 years or so ago but never have forgotten it. I thought you might enjoy it here. Thank you very much.
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