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Budo practice around the world now must find a way for students to get exposed as often as possible to the most senior teachers possible.

Most senior doesn't equal "best". Even if it does, given the number of people at a seminar, how many really interact with the senior teacher? In my experience, very few, with there being some notable exceptions that prove the rule.
I think it's alot easier for teachers to travel than all of the students.
Ironically, I disagree. I'd rather spend time and money to travel to a particular instructor and train with them for a day or so than attend a seminar with them. If I travel to them, I can schedule group classes with them or private lessons, thus ensuring personal attention (not just this instructor working with me, but also the personal agenda that I have, specific issues that apply to me and not to someone else, even though we are both performing the same technique) ... something I probably won't get at a seminar.

I find myself now, having reached a point in my own training that the base of depth and breadth of my experience is such that other than with a very few Sensei with whom I have developed a relationship, I have little interest in putting out the effort to attend seminars anymore.
I agree completely.


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