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Aikido Seminars

In the current issue of ATM, the editorial makes a case for having reached the saturation point with Aikido seminars.
Personally, I have two issues here. One is with the current state of seminars in a general sense and the second is my own perspective on attending them.
As to the first, there seems to be a core group of teachers who consistantly travel and conduct seminars. The same dojos host and the same group of students train. Very rarely, one has the opportunity to see someone different or practice with someone different. Nothing wrong with this, in my view,especially if one needs quality instruction or likes enhancement through variety. This is fine. The first several years of my practice I was at every seminar I could find.
I find myself now, having reached a point in my own training that the base of depth and breadth of my experience is such that other than with a very few Sensei with whom I have developed a relationship, I have little interest in putting out the effort to attend seminars anymore.
Maybe the seminar market is saturated. Maybe I am a little burned out on them. I'm sure there are lots of other opinions out there.
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