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Kensho Furuya wrote:
I am really grateful to many of you for your support, understanding and foregiveness in my efforts.
With all due respect I think you have it backwards. It's the aikido community who should be grateful to you and your students for the time and effort you put in showing aikido to those people who may have missed it.

That said I'm going to use this opportunity to offer one small piece of constructive (I hope) criticism that I heard more than one person voice. A few of the aikido practitioners I know who watched this felt the piece could have been about iaido. I have just started practicing iaido and love it but I would tend to agree with these people. I'm willing to bet that while iai practice may be an integrated part of training in many aikido dojo that it is not in the majority of them. If you are trying to give newcomers a sense of what they may find if they seek out aikido it may serve them better to focus on aikido.

That's just my opinion. You're still the person taking the time to actually help spread the art. If you want to do it differently I'm really in no position to tell you otherwise

Thank you for your time, efforts and understanding.



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