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Damion Lost (Ghost Fox) wrote:
I do fear that one day I will hurt someone seriously. I allow this thought to sometimes hinder my Aikido, especially around more fragile Ukes. Does anyone else worry about this, or have this problem?
Yes but I don't consider it a problem. The softer I can learn to do a technique the better. I've done my share of accidental tweaks and it just makes me more aware of how unaware I was.

I've seen people write on Aikiweb that their instructor is really great because he can throw uke so hard that uke goes blind in one eye and pisses blood for a week (paraphrased of course ). I tend to be more impressed with those people who can put me on the ground so gently that I have no idea how or even why I'm down there. I attack, they disappear, I'm staring at the ceiling thinking that one day I'll learn to do that.


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