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Sensei Furuya

I ususally keep quiet on these boards as I am of the belief that if you listen you will learn and absorb while when your talking youre not listening.

I must say that I have seen one of these Martial Arts documentaries. I believe it was the "Top 10 Martial Arts" on TLC where your dojo was featured. I really thought you portrayed and displayed Aikido in a most admirable fashion. It certainly looked different and most humane of all of the other martial arts that were featured.

I never really payed attention to your personal appearance, yet I can say that I did pay attention to your beautiful Dojo and discipline and respect of your students. I'd love to visit your dojo and train with you if I'm ever in the area, even though I don't think that wil be happening anytime soon. In any event, I believe you and your students did a very good job at representing Aikido even though the producers of the show may have gotten a few things mixed up.
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