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Yes I notice that "struggling to do it right again" involves trying to remember how I did it last time, instead of adopting to how it's going right *now*, which in turn causes it not to work

Ikkyo is probably the boldest example of that, in my case.

BC wrote:
From what I understand, I'm not alone in saying that occasionally I actually am able to perform aikido techniques "just right." At this point for me its more the exception rather than the rule, but that's one reason I keep trying - so I can eventually get the techniques "right" more. So, my question is: which technique or techniques do you feel that you perform just right more often than others?

For instance, this week I was able to do a tsuki iriminage (once) better than I can ever remember. It was funny because while I was doing it, I had this amazing feeling of "WOW!" for the whole three or four seconds it lasted. Of course, for the rest of class all I did was struggle to do it again - unsuccessfully! Regards.
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