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You and I are the exact height/weight.

A person was under some influence of alcohol once after a party, and I made the mistake of trying to jokingly "shihonage" him.

He's about 250lbs, maybe 6"0 .

I'm 180lbs, 6"1 .

What resulted is him trying to grab me and slam me into things, and I kept instinctively avoiding and "blending", because going AGAINST his power was impossible.

Technique ? Maybe... if we weren't trapped in a small thin corridor.

I used his power ONLY, and we kept slamming each other into walls, not unlike that part in Terminator 2 where they, well, slam each other into walls.

I've also been able to show sankyo and shihonage to a security guard at work who severely outweighed me... and he was resisting like a person naturally would, which caused me to bounce between the opposing rotating movements involved, before settling in which direction I'm going.
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