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Furuya Sensei,

I was pleased to read your responses to this thread. You cleared up a lot of questions that many of us here had.

Despite my understanding of film making and such, it completely slipped my mind that they would edit a show in such a way as to make it more fantastic and work around proper comments and leave in the "not so important" things. I will confess, though my post on page one of this thread did not judge you on your size, in my mind I did make such an evaluation and I apologize. I have no room to talk being too big myself. And with bad knees to boot, should have known better.

Thank you for your comments above. Post here anytime and continue to use your best judgement in how you run your dojo. Like you and others have said, many people were reached via the show, and were introduced and since started in Aikido. And that's always a good thing.

Domo aregato gaeshimasu

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