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Steven Miranda (Steven) wrote:
Sorry I'm not so perfect like those who come here and post and call people ignorant. Guess I'm not the only one with first impression problems.

To clarify --- I was referring to the latter part of the thread and those who were judging Furuya Sensei by his physical appearance, not (as you must have assumed) his "television appearance" (that you expressed disatisfaction with earlier in the thread).

My comments were meant directly in response to Furuya Sensei's apologies for his physical appearance. I do not believe that anyone should have to apologize for how they look; rather, I believe in the ideal that we need to accept others for who they are. What I meant was that people who choose to judge someone by their physical appearance alone are ignorant in that they willingly overlook a person's true value as a human being with skills, knowledge and experience that they can learn from.

I understand why you're feeling rather sensitive, Steven, and perhaps a little like you're "under fire", which is why you misinterpreted what I said so very easily. I'm sorry you took offense to something that sincerely had nothing to do with you at all.

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