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I wrote to Furuya Sensei privately and expressed my sincere apologizes if my statements were offensive to him. My statements were targeted at the program and I stand by them. The PROGRAM was terrible and mis-portrayed Aikido.

My comments have nothing to do with Furuya Sensei his school or race and everything to do with Discovery Channels terrible job at portraying what Aikido is really all about.

Obviously from Furuya Sensei's statements, he too feels a bit portrayed by DSC final product and my assessement of him personally was off base. I accept that hence my apology. Sorry I'm not so perfect like those who come here and post and call people ignorant. Guess I'm not the only one with first impression problems.

Hopefully when I'm in L.A. in a couple of three months, I'll be able to express my thoughts personally to Furuya Sensei.


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