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ahmad abas (Abasan) wrote:
Ukenagashi= barai? At least that's how my sensei calls this move that you describe... i hope that its the same one.
At least in my experience, ukenagashi and harai waza are not at all alike. And I'm not sure how something like ukengashi could be described as sweeping.

In ukenagashi, the opponent attacks with some sort of downward cut. You step forward diagonally while bringing the tsuke up above your head and lower the tip down to your side with the edge backward to receive the strike and cover your side. You continue around into a cut of your own.

In harai waza, you initiate by sweeping the the opponent's sword diagonally up or down to create an opening while moving into attack.

Mechanically related to harai waza are suriage waza in which you slide up against the opponents downward cut on your upswing. This deflects it away from its intended target and allows you to attack on your own downswing.

But if your instructor calls it harai, call it harai.

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