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Re: How spiritual?

Dean Suter (Amassus) wrote:
We talk of spirituality in aikido, this made me think about the emphasis of spirituality in the dojo and how it applies to aikidoka who already have a strong religious background.

In fact, it was because of a strong religious background that one of the people at my club had a constant argument with her husband just to attend the sessions.

How much is spirituality emphasised at your club and have you had a similar clash of ideas as I mentioned above?
But, to return to the original question:

In my dojo, great emphasis is placed upon the spiritual aspects. Occasional classes are offered in chanting (the seven sacred sounds, etc), and 1/2 the Summer Intensive was dedicated to meditation and chanting.

When he was here last, I asked Anno Sensei about any connection between Omotokyo (the religion that O Sensei practiced) and Aikido today. He simply said: "None." Except, he added, for the chants he uses, as part of his daily practice.

There are no clashes between the spiritual practices and religious beliefs at my dojo, AFAIK.
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