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For me it was just pure luck that I got into aikido and though I was very interested in moral philosophy (ethics) at the time for around two years I never drew anything from aikido. However it did introduce me to eastern philosophy which had a large impact on my world-view. I think, unlike many martial arts which talk of peace but train to kill, we actually train in a way which, when instinctive, tends to minimise aggression.

I also think the philsophy of aikido cannot be seperated from Budo. In my mind we have to face (i.e. come to terms) with our own death to really understand why we do not destroy people, but to do that we have to understand the reality of death and killing in the martial aspect. To train without martial aspect in aikido is to me missing the point of the philosophy of aikido.

In addition, I think initially aikido (esp. as a self-defence) is rough and ready and quite dangerous. As we improve we aim to become LESS dangerous because we aim to blend more and we should have a greater ability to respond to the situation appropriately (which after all, is aikido).


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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