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Mary Eastland
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I loved Michael's story about his friend. That is a totally successful Self-defense story. What she said about being there is true. The only way you know what to do in a SD situation is to stay aware and listen to what your inner self tells you. No one else can judge the situation because they were not there and they are not you, with whatever strengths and weaknessess you bring to the situation.

I really enjoy training with tanto. It seems to heighten everyone's awareness and the excitment in class goes up. My feeling about training with tanto is that by training and teaching what I have been taught, my center and technique will become stronger and I will be able to deal with whatever SD situation comes along.

So my answer about to keep the knife or get rid of it depends on the situation. I trust the answer will be available in the moment.

Way before I started training

a knife was held to my throat. I stayed very still and did what I was told. It worked..... I am it was the perfect thing to do.

Mary Eastland

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