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Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
That exact kata is what I am working on for my next grade. I have a problem with that same neck trap tech. It looks like suicide to me against someone who intends to struggle (and they call this the Goshin no kata?) I would not consider that pin to control an empty hand, much less a blade. Again, here is where we must separate the idealised environment of kata and dojo training from what can exist in the realm of infinite variables.
To be fair - the Tomiki katas are not in this situation do that but are designed/chosen to teach a whole range of options. For example the first technique of the junanhon has a shomen-uchi like strike coupled to a taisabaki as part of the initial movement followed by the technique (shomenate) itself. Once you do randori you find that you never use that block - my favourite being a downward circular variation. In actual fact Tomiki wanted to teach a shomen-uchi type block somewhere in his junanahon and this was the best place to put it.

OK - so what does this have to do with the neck trap. Same basic enter, get your palm under the elbow as usual and instead of bringing the hand straight up cut across your chest, trap and twist. It is the same technique just the hold is different.

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