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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
I know you know but although Shodokan tanto randori takes things closer to the edge than most tanto dori some people tend to forget that it is afterall a rubber/cloth knife. When it gets to shiai the rules are geared to the idea that it is a real knife but even so people often take liberties. Most people understand the difference.
Totally agreed. This insularity against what the practice knife represents is something I am working on with my students and myself. I am getting things more and more to a point where even though it is known that the thing is a softo, when one is attacked, they'd better treat it like the real thing as much as possible. Of course, I have my particular ways of helping to get this point across . Doing the same thing with bokken to train folks for machete attacks, which tend to be common in these parts and is a concern with some. Of course the bokken is much longer, which is a good thing I think. Constant work in progress.
I hinted at it in a previous post on this thread but some of Tomiki's tanto dori techniques (kata) are interesting to say the least. Half of the Nidan training is learning how to target with the knife including my favourite "the yakuza belly thrust" which I understand is and always has been quite popular amoung certain wayward individuals. Even here though - I am not sure some of the tanto dori techniques are worth trying in the field exactly as they are (the neck trap one gives me the willies).
Lol, I could pay dearly for this one. That exact kata is what I am working on for my next grade. I have a problem with that same neck trap tech. It looks like suicide to me against someone who intends to struggle (and they call this the Goshin no kata?) I would not consider that pin to control an empty hand, much less a blade. Again, here is where we must separate the idealised environment of kata and dojo training from what can exist in the realm of infinite variables.

I love that yakuza belly thrust btw, so sneaky .
Last time someone threatened to use a knife on me I just stood tall and stared him down. The little yak wanna be backed down.
And this is what I was alluding to in my earlier post. The confidence (sometimes false I'd agree) that one may get when handling knife attacks (even soft ones) in an unpredictable dojo environment may serve one well when faced with a similar situation in reality. When one is accustomed facing a knife being used in a threatening manner their initial response may not be to focus oin the weapon as the person closes to strike, but may maintain their centre and pursue a course of action that may end up in them not becoming sushi.

Just some thoughts.


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