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Kensho Furuya
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Hello! I have studied the tea ceremony for a number of years, learning from the same teacher who taught my grandmother 37 years previously and later I studied under my Zen master's wife in the temple. I moved away from tea as I saw more politics, materialism and pride as we see many many things today. . . . But I love tea and still practice and wish some of my senior students would study tea as well. Tea teaches "caring heart," just as we try to make the best cup of tea possible for our guest, in Aikido, we do the very best for our opponent - years of study and practice so we don't dare injure or kill him. . . . . Tea teaches the inner value of things and people and how to treat them in the best way possible. As my teacher used to say, the three elements in practice ares "gaku" (learning), "jutsu" (technique or practice) and "do" (making it a Way of Life) - in this, I think Aikido and tea are very similar and compatible. Just my own thoughts here. . . . .
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