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Brion Toss wrote:
Oh, and Mr. Blomquist, the kumitachi's I know are numbered one through five; in #'s 1 and 2, one or both of the partners assumes a jodan position, without moving the right foot back.
You don't move into a gamae... It's mot a static pose at all, it's a cut usually trained slow. In kumitachi # 1 shitachi (the winner) for some reason (uchitachi usually doesn't invite) strikes shomen, but as the bokken goes up uchitachi goes in, cut across shitachis chest and steps out. To avoid being sliced in half shitachi steps back as he finish the shomen cut. So you see it's lightning fast shomen strike not a "waiting-for-something-to-come" gamae.

In kumitachi #2 uchitachi raises his sword (possibly into a future hasso no gamae) making shitachi mirrow the movement, but before any gamae has been reached uchitachi tries to trick shitachi by cutting lightning fast at shitachi knee. So again it's not a question of going up to a jodan gamae waiting a second or two and then cutting. It's a dynamic interaction where uchitachi sees an opening half way (in that shitachi moves the sword up perhaps preparing to receive an high attack). But we all know shitachi wins in the end In any case, when being taught the kata are usually taught stop-start breaking it up in segments so that it's easier to do the movements correctly without injuries.
And everyone, how do you get the "so-and-so wrote" quote segments inserted?
Brion Toss
At the top right of everyones post you'll see a quotation mark... click on it. You can delete the parts you don't wan't to quote.

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