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ive heard, 2nd hand, something related that Yamada sensei said. he said (im paraphrasing, obviously) that if you do aikido's physical techniques properly, the ki aspects will already be there.

meaning, you dont have to specifically try to do the techniques with ki. do em right and you'll already be there with it.

i think this business about spirituality in aikido is the same. just do the techniques. not much other discussion is necessary (even though it's awfully fun). any reasonably intelligent person will be able to extract the occasional life lesson from their training in the dojo.

not that there is anything wrong with letting students like me know they are there to be extracted

maybe i got lucky and was matched with a good teacher at my first dojo (actually he is a really good teacher)- the first day when i learned tenkan, it seemed to include a pretty obvious philosophical implication. "ok now we're looking ACROSS each other, (tenkan), and now we're looking in the same direction. SEE?" ohhhhhh i get it!

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