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[quote="Aleksey Sundeyev (shihonage)"][b]As the blade comes

Ignore the darkness

And like wind,

You're already sliced into two pieces

You slow fuck.

O Sensei once wrote this, but then erased it when he got sober.


Crazy Taisho men! thats true, interesante.

What you have to tell your students frequently

is that Religions doesnt have to oppose themselves, that conflict caused by Religious Beliefs is not going along with the Truth, that a Human soul suffering because religious struggle is a nonsense, that Spiritual limitations are only found in our narrow minds not in Universe, that Shinto will make you to "understand better Aikido not to "perform better a one, that Spirituality is a natural human Posibility and proper concience for to understand it will arise at proper time and none ever any imitation or artifise of any kind will never remplase it never.


"The funniest line in English is ''Get it?'' When you say that, everyone chortles."

Garrison Keillor
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