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On The Anonymous Forum

Hi everyone,

It seems to me as though there has been an increase of people who are starting to abuse the anonymous posting system in the Anonymous forum. The Anonymous forum was created to allow people with sensitive issues in aikido to communicate with others in a supportive atmosphere. Taking advantage of the freedom of posting that the Anonymous forum provides is a breach in this trust.

As I have said before, if you feel the need to attack someone on a personal level anonymously, this is not the venue for such behavior.

I hope I will not have to close the Anonymous forum down, but please note that I have begun banning IP addresses.

My wish is to have a place where we can support people with sensitive issues -- not attack, deride, nor undermine from behind an anonymous facade. Let's all please subscribe to that wish and keep this a place of respect, sharing, and maturity.

Thank you.

-- Jun

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