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Vic Robinson
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Several points: Aleksey, I don't appreciate the language used in your last post. It is not appropriate for this forum. O'Sensei may have understood that as well, hence he erased it, as you say.

When we speak of "spirituality", we need to distinguish between it and religion. Spirituality is an entity of and unto itself, although all religions have a degree of spirituality to them. The concepts of spirituality in Aikido have nothing to do with religion. We had a student in our dojo who refused to bow in before class or bow out after class because he said he could not bow down to a graven image. I tried to explain that the bowing is just a show of respect, and has nothing to do with worship, but he wouldn't buy it.

As to the spiritual aspects of Aikido, I tell my students that in class we only have time for the physical aspects of learning Aikido, but that in the practice of shugyo and in study outside of class they will gain a deeper meaning of Aikido allowing it to help them in their everyday lives.
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