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I train based on Saito pedagogics including bukiwaza. I don't claim to know it mind you

First of - 80 to 90 % of bukiwaza training should be in suburi (7 bokken and 20 jo) -just keep cutting and thrusting in other words.

Sedondly - I can't think of any of the katas or exercises where the bokken is raised into a kamae leaving the right foot front i.e jodan gamae (in 2nd kumitachi the bokken is raised but straight into a cut not into a gamae etc etc). Instead if it's a static pose then the right foot go back (e.g 2nd, 3rd suburi and ki musubi no tachi comes to mind) more close to hasso gamae. So I really don't understand where the question came from unless information is based on looking on still frames in books!

Jakob Blomquist
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