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Wynand van Dyk (drDalek) wrote:
Clearly any and all forms of thought reform cannot be labeled as malignant. The agenda behind said thought reform is what is important.
I'm not agreeing or disagreeing Wynand, but it made me think of a different question.

I have to wonder if imposed manipulation is "ok" regardless of the intent. When I say "imposed", I mean something which done in an exploitative fashion (taking advantage of a weakness) rather than a brute-force method (locking someone in solitary for 6 months while watching the Partridge Family or something).

To me, it's like the church/religion for kids. Aren't they essentially being brainwashed? Sure there are plusses and minuses, and the churches (for the most part) have good intent. But what is the end result? Is free thought involved in it?


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