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Kensho Furuya
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The term, "Hanshi" as it is used in Japanese martial arts is a title indicating the level of a teacher. It is used in many of the older, more traditional martial arts such as kendo, iaido, and kyudo to name a few. There are three titles, the first being "renshi" ("ren" means training). The second is "kyoshi" ("kyo" meaning instruction). And the highest is "hanshi" ("han" meaning model). Some people equate "hanshi" with "shihan," but the term "shihan" is a more generic term or rather a more polite term for "sensei." One who attains the title of hanshi is one of great skill and seniority or who has attained great merit in his art. Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi are titles which are bestowed upon the teacher. They are bestowed separately from one's dan grade and is a special honor and title to those teachers. I hope this helps you. . . . . . thanks.
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