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Paula Lydon
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resistance in training

~~Hi all!

I was training with a beginner the other day and during the technique he asked me what I would do if I met resistance at this point where our wrists were crossed. I told him straight up "There is only ever resistance in yourself". I hadn't been actively considering this (sounds like something out of the Matrix), but when I heard it, it seemed true.
He asked me what I meant (like I knew), so we put out wrists together again and I told him, as I leaned toward him, to resist the pressure. When he did, and acknowledged it as resistance, I just exicuted a tenkan and he slid on by. "Where's the resistance?" I asked him. How silly and simple this seems, but it got me looking at many other aspects of my life where I was 'getting resistance' while not acknowledging my part in it.
That's all; thanks for listening

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