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Interesting subject!! I've been practicing aikido for 20 years and still don't feel that I've quite got under the skin of ikkyo.....

My view is that, always, your primary motive is to connect with and control uke's centre. In the case of ikkyo your contact is through uke's arm. Tori needs to move their body and blend with uke in such a way as to be able to control their centre. Don't be too pre-occupied with the arm.

If anyone else works it out, please let me know! If it's any consolation at our Millennium Summer School last year in Bangor (organised by United Kingdom Aikikai and British Aikikai, guest Shihans Tamura, Yamada, Chiba and Shibata) someone asked Chiba Sensei to teach ikkyo. Sensei replied that he ddin't understand it himself yet...
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