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Sounds like a lotta bowin' goin' on! Probably the main thing is that classes begin with respect and end with thankfulness.
Chuck, I viewed your page, and it looks like you've synthesized a number of arts, so O-Sensei would be more of a contributor amongst many, so it would make sense not to have his picture there.
I come from an independent, although traditional, dojo where my teacher is from Guam and studied from the time he could walk with his uncles who trained from their father and the direct learning there came from both Okinawa and Japan, and given the generations involved it would have been more aikijitsu/aiki budo at the beginning of their learning and then more actual aikido as he grew up, so we draw from many wells, too.
I've worked out in Ireland, Orlando, Denver, and Hawaii, and I would say there are more similarities than differences, and probably the instructor's preferences play into the mix also.
For someone who wishes to read in detail on this, Steven Seagal provides a lot of detail on the proper number of claps, etc., in an interview in the Reynosa-Bieri handbook, which is interesting reading.
I never minded bowing with exception of one school where everyone constantly switches partners and bows at beginning and end, and then at class end bows individually to each partner from the entire night! Nice, but really burns up too much time that could be spent practicing. PEace
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